Deploying To Iraq after 9/11, PTSD, Suicide Prevention, and more with USMC Veteran Bob Cerra

US Army Infantry Veteran Keith Watson Talks About His Time In The Military and How The Foundation Has Helped Him

US Army Infantry veteran Keith Watson joins us on this episode of the podcast to talk about his time in the military, including his tours of duty in South Korea and Iraq, how the foundation has helped him, and much more.

USN Veteran Patrick Covert Talks About His Time in the Military and the Work He's Doing With the Foundation

Retired US Navy veteran Patrick Covert joins us on this epsidoe to talk about his time in the military, the work he's doing with the foundation, and much more!

EP45: Interview with Joe Bonamassa

Joe Bonamassa calls in to talk about his 2023 tour, the new live album "Tales of Time" which is out on April 14th, the Keeping the Blues Alive Cruise that sets sail in March, and much more!

Pain Management Therapy and Keys To Living a Healthy Lifestyle with USAF Veteran Dr. Thomas Burnett

USAF Veteran Dr. Thomas Burnette from Regeneration Pittsburgh joins us this week to talk about pain management therapy, the keys to living a healthy lifestyle, the great work he is doing with the foundation and his time in the military. IATW Founder Steve Monteleone also joins us on this episode to give us an update on everything happening this year!

EP44: Interview with David Ellefson

Former Megadeath bassist David Ellefson joins me to chat about his new band, Kings of Thrash. They are out on tour right now and have a new live album coming out on March 24th, so we talked about that, new music, the beginnings of thrash metal as a genre of music, and much more!

USMC Veteran and Double Amputee Brandon Rumbaugh Shares His Story

USMC veteran Brandon Rumbaugh joins us this week to share his story about losing both of his legs from an IED in Afghanistan. He also talked about his recovery, how he got involved with IATW, his path to becoming a motivational speaker, and much more.

Staying In Touch With People You Served With After Getting Out of the Military, IATW Cabin Fever Concert, and more with Scott & Amanda Palka

USMC Veteran Scott Palka and his wife Amanda join us on this episode to talk about his time in the Marines, staying in touch with people you served with after getting out of the military, and the IATW Cabin Fever Concert that is coming up in April at Jergel's. Also included in this week's topics, tips for parents whose children want to join.

Changing Standards and Attention to Detail, IATW Hockey Team and more with Chip Myrah

USMC veteran Chip Myrah joins us this week to talk about his time in Iraq, how standards are changing in the military and the importance of attention to detail, the IATW hockey team, and more!

EP43: Interview with Richard Williams from Kansas

Richard Williams from Kansas calls in to talk about their 50th Anniversary Tour, the new "Another Fork in the Road" compilation album that came out in December which features a re-recording of a classic Kansas track, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, and much more!