An RV To Nowhere: A ‘Scrubs’ Road Trip

On The Set Of "Scrubs"

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What would “J.D.” do to get to his babies' first ultrasound? Steal his boss’ RV of course!

But as always, things do not go as planned, both on the road and back at the hospital.

This week, actor and director Brian Klugman joins Zach Braff and Donald Faison as they break down the highs and lows of the eighth episode of season six of Scrubs, “My Road to Nowhere.”

“This had some pretty funny moments in it,” said Faison.

The episode walks a line between its lighter moments with its darker ones. In an instant, “Dr. Cox” and “Turk” go from playfully ruining each other’s day to fully involved with a pregnancy scare involving “Dr. Cox’s” partner “Jordan.”

Meanwhile, the rest of the cast goes from swinging around a pole in “Dr. Kelso’s” stolen RV to “J.D.” finding out he is no longer going to be a father. Moments like these made it hard for Braff to find humor in the episode.

“Maybe it was just my mood,” said Braff. “But that’s why Brian is here to see if he can win me over.”

Klugman manages to win Braff over on a few of the show’s moments and serves as the perfect middle ground between Faison and Braff’s reflection of the episode. He also manages to get the duo off topic with his impressions and what the pair should do once they conclude their rewatch.

“I think you guys are really good at analyzing films and all kinds of content,” said Klugman. “Why wouldn’t you say, ‘today we’re going to pick a movie,’ and talk that.”

To hear the three actors dig into this episode of Scrubs as well as the 2022 T-Mobile Super Bowl commercial written by Klugman, check out Fake Doctors, Real Friends with Zach and Donald, on the iHeart Radio app or wherever you get your podcasts.

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