2017 Dragon Con Pre-Game Show

The Dragon Con Pre-Game Show returns on Saturday August 26 at 11am on News Radio 540 WDAK

Guests include: Ming-Na Wen, Glenn "Kane" Jacobs, Tony Anselmo and Donald Duck 

Plus you can catch the show on the following iHeartMedia stations:

WVRK-FM Rock 103: Saturday 8/26 at 7pm

WQBZ Q106: Sunday 8/27 at 7am

WGEX-FM Power 97.3: Saturday 8/26 6pm

WGSY-FM Sunny 100: Sunday 8/27 6am

WSTH-FM South 106.1: Sunday 8/27 7am

WHAL-AM South 94.7 the Legend: Sunday 8/27 7am

WOBB-FM B100: Sunday 8/27 6am

WCOH-AM Fox Sports AM 1400: Sunday 8/27 8am

WMGE-AM Fox Sports AM 1670: Sunday 8/27 8am

WVCC-AM The Voice: Sunday 8/27 11am

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