Video: Trooper in Trouble for Groping Mom During Traffic Stop ...

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'Driver Patricia Aileen Wilson has launched a lawsuit claiming that cop Isaiah Lloyd stopped her without reason and fondled her during the search.

Her two kids, aged three and eight, were in the vehicle at the time on interstate 75 in Campbell County.

The furious mother claimed in her legal bid that the same officer stopped her three hours later near home and remarked: “We have to stop meeting like this.”

She alleged that after being ordered out of the truck, Lloyd put his hands inside her waistband and touched her bum and genital area.

Video shows the stop and search and Wilson in a shirt and shorts looking slightly distressed or uncomfortable after being searched from behind over her pick up truck.Lloyd reportedly asked Wilson twice during the first search whether she had taken any prescription drugs, or had any hidden in her bra.“No drugs, no nothing, no alcohol," she said."I do no drugs, no nothing, swear to God."

When she replied that she takes Ambient every night but denied it was a “narcotic”, the officer insisted it was a drug.

In the search, Lloyd said that he stopped Ms Wilson because her window tint on the truck was too dark before letting her go without a ticket.

The Tennessee Highway Patrol in the US have supported their officer, saying that he “conducted this traffic stop in a professional manner in an effort to protect the motoring public”.

But state prosecutor Jared Effler slammed the cop, saying his actions were “inconsistent with his training”.' - via daily star / Youtube