I get having a side hustle, but WTF man????

Pic from Las Vegas Fire & Rescue/Facebook

Dumbass of the Day: John Doe Dumbass

A Las Vegas homeowner is facing citations and possibly criminal charges after police and firefighters found a "homemade gas station" in the backyard.

Authorities say the homeowner had two large fuel tanks and a gas pump with a hose long enough to reach the street for "curbside fill-ups." The fire department wrote in aFacebookpost, "This is not only illegal in the city, it is a hazard to neighbors and first responders who may respond there for an emergency, like a fire. Citations are possible and certainly any costs for abatement for any environmental impacts it caused."

Investigators believe the homeowner may have purchased the gasoline with a stolen credit card and was storing it in the backyard for his or her own personal use, or to sell.

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