Meek Mill Donates $10,000 To Colin Kaepernick's Initiative From Prison

Though he's behind bars, Meek Mill is still determined to help those in need, just like he did through his philanthropic work before his incarceration. 

Earlier Monday (Jan. 29) morning, Colin Kaepernick announced that the Philly rapper donated $10,000 to one of the former San Francisco 49ers' causes. This revealed was posted on Kaepernick's social media. "Despite my brother @meekmill’s current circumstances, he continues to stay connected in the community of Philly," the former NFLer captioned his announcement video. 

He continued: "He pledged to go #10for10 on my #MillionDollarPledge. We’re both donating $10k for a combined $20k to Youth Service Inc. Keep staying strong Meek, we love you brother!" Kap said in the clip: “Meek asked for me to donate 10K to Youth Service, Inc., whose mission is to strengthen the family unit, help at-risk teens, and promote child safety. Even though Meek has been hit with unjust sentencing, he continues to uplift and fight for our communities.”

Check out the video below. 


It's great to see the rapper continuing to hold his head up high and contribute to the greater good, especially when you look what Meek is now going through in prison. According to TMZ, his "legal team just suffered a big setback ... because TMZ just obtained a copy of the court transcript which Meek's lawyers claim proves the judge was trying to get him to dump Roc Nation for one of her friends ... but the transcript does not bear that out."

Moreover, an investigation has commenced after clerk Wanda Chavarria slipped Meek a note asking for money for her son's college tuition, an incident that Judge Genece Brinkley wasn't aware of. 

Photo: Getty Images


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